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You may use the bought image any times during unlimited time and in any way. You retain the right of editing and correcting image and the right of use of image in part. You need not pay royalties to authors, models and owners of represented objects on any use of image.
Your right of image is not exclusive. It does not restrict legal rights of other users.
It is forbidden to replicate and resell images, in whole and in part, as well as grant rights of their use to other persons.

All images are distributed by IMAGEmarket on the legal base only. You may be sure of images legality according to Author Rights and Related Rights.
Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Insurance Arrangements of IMAGEmarket and Responsibility of User
· The author retains all intellectual property rights to the image until transfer the rights on temporary or permanent use of image.

Rights of user is passed to you directly from the author for his own free will, since IMAGEmarket acts on behalf of the author.

· Works having concrete authors are protected by Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights. They can not be replicated and used without prior written permission from the author or representatives of the author.

Permission from the author (or licence) is passed to you with each image. This is considered as legal confirmation of your rights of use of image in case of controversial point.

· Author has right to forbid the party, bought image for further commercial use, to transform the original image if it breaks cultural value of image or harms author's name, according to the author's opinion.

Editing and use of image in part or in whole are permitted by author.

· The author retains indefeasible right to be pointed out in all publications and any other use of image.

Pointing out author's name in publication is an international rule, and author expects observance of this rule.

· Forbidden/illegal use of the image, ommitting author's name, breach of licence points may result in criminal and civil proceedings and penalty for material and moral damage caused to author or representatives of the author.

According to international rules, author (or representatives of the author) has a right to control legality of use of the image and bring a suit for illegal use. Note, that passing the bought image to other person may lead this person to lawsuit.

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